Friday, May 18, 2012

Good Friday morning. I know that it has been a while and a lot has changed for me. My husband and I, with our 3 fur children in tow, packed up our belongings and relocated to Shady Cove, Oregon. It is a beautiful spot   along the Rogue River which brings fresh inspiration with each day's dawning. No matter the direction, nature's majesty is within view; groves of trees, green pastures, the sparkle of sunlight the water of a creek or pond. Even the commute is peaceful.

Our move was prompted by "Dogs for the Deaf", a wonderful non-profit organization which invited the Hubs to become part of the family. The mission of this organization is to rescue dogs, make them over through grooming, veterinary care, and training, into assistance dogs for the deaf and hearing impaired. That on it's own is great. Add to it the autism program that is currently in development, along with the dogs that are trained to help those that suffer from emotional and mental challenges, this organization is a family we wanted to become part of and whole heartedly support.

As the first public show of support, Lexie and I are participating in the 21st Annual Dog Walk on June the 2nd. We are looking forward to meeting lots of new friends, human and canine, as well as doing a little fundraising on behalf of  "Dogs for the Deaf". 

Not to worry, though. I am still The Craft Goddess, and I will be bringing you lots of crafty ideas to encourage and inspire you. I have been sorting fabric, notions, and books for the last two days so that my workspace will be ready bring all my ideas to fruition and be shared with you.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Working on the New Years Goals

Here we are in a new year and if you are like me one of your resolutions (though I prefer to call them goals) is to declutter and get organized so that I can spend more time actually crafting. How’s that going for you? It is a slow, arduous process for me; three steps forward, two back. Some of the organizational process for me is finishing up projects I began before or (silly me) during the holiday season, so that is coming along nicely, several projects have been check off my to-do list. I have also gotten most of my end of year paperwork organized and bookkeeping updated so that I can start preparing my tax returns without too much frustration. And, oh, that is what the top of my desk looks like. And yes, I found my glasses, a seam ripper, and several beads and buttons that had chosen to hide among the miscellaneous receipts, patterns, and defunct to-do lists. Now that they are all in binders, envelopes, banker’s boxes, or the trash, my office is looking much better.
This week I need to take time off from the process to complete samples for the classes I offer at the local Joann’s (did I mention that I am a sewing and jewelry construction instructor). I love these projects and being able to share my passion for these crafts with others. I am currently working on some beautiful jewelry pieces which I will post photos of once they are complete. I will be showing all of my samples at the open house hosted by Joann’s in Stockton, California on Saturday, February 11. If you are in the area, stop by and chat for a bit.
Once the class samples are completed, I have some projects lined up that should help me get organized, but more about that next week. One of them is a wall organizer for my tools so that I can find them when I need them (hiding in plain sight), and another is a table apron so that I can keep other tools close by while I am working, but keep the table top free for the project I am working on. I’ll let you know how it works out. What are you creating this week?

Friday, January 20, 2012

OMG, It's 2012

Okay, here it is the middle of January 2012. It is time to get back in the practice of writing, keeping you all abreast of what is happening in the wild wacky world of sewing, jewelry creating, and life in general here at the home of the Craft Goddess.
The Get Off Your Broom challenge that I participated in had some rewards, I lost 8 pounds, and I am on the road to eating better and getting more organized. Did any of you participate? What were your results?
The holidays were a whirl-wind here. I have been sewing up a storm. I made lounge pants for the Grandson, a blouse for the oldest Granddaughter and a super cute quilted purse for the youngest Granddaughter. Then, for the Hubs, I made a plaid flannel shirt. Then, just for good measure, I made earrings for the few of the daughters and friends and crocheted hats for others.
Now I am working on samples for some really fun new classes; I will put up pictures as soon as they are finished. How has the new year started for you? I’d love to hear what you are all working on.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Get Off Your Broom" Fitness Challeng - So it begins

Today is the official start date for  "Get Off Your Broom" fitness challenge hosted at Haven't signed up or even seen it yet, no worries. Just join in now. Those of us who are joining are all looking to get healthier, not just shed a few pounds. The challenge last through the holiday season, so checkout the The Domestic Pagan, read some of the other blogs listed, get out your pen and paper, set your goals, make a plan, and tell us about it so we can sent positive energy for success your way.

I posted my goals last week, and I purposely made them minimal because I know myself. I am in the habit of setting lofty goals and the first time I fall off the path, I throw in the towel. I started taking a zumba class two weeks ago and I love it, probably because I love to dance (ever since I was a child, and that was a looong time ago). I only participate once a week right now, but the ultimate goal is to be taking the class 3 times a week by the end of December. 

This week, my goal is to add a yoga class to my routine. Several years ago, I had an AM yoga practice that got and kept me going, so I know I just have to do it. Telling you all will help me with accountability. Ask me about it; push me to keep my commitment.

My eating goal is to refine my eating habits, back to what I was doing in January. Eating whole, clean foods. Nothing (or at least very little) refined or processed. Lots of fresh veggies, fruits, and some meat and poultry in sensible portions. I know this works because I lost 25 lbs between January 2011 and June 2011. Yes, I let stress pull me off this program, then I went on vacation for 2 weeks, but the positive side of that is that I did not gain any weight. I just didn't loose any.

Pictures may or may not follow, as I hate pictures of myself. I have taken my measurements, and those are for my eyes only, but I will tell you that they quality for jumbo goddess size, and you all have just read about my plan. We can do this! "Get Off Your Broom" and get started! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall has Arrived.

I woke up this morning to a crispness in the air that means that fall has arrived. The beginning of a new season always make me feel like I have a new opportunity, to start something new or just revisit, review, and re-adjust my habits. One thing that we all seem to want to re-adjust is our fitness level. A fellow blogger is offering a fitness challenge that will last through the Holidays, so I am going to join in for support and also the commitment. Does anyone else feel more inclined to complete something, anything, when a commitment is made to another? Yes, I agree; it seems to be human nature. Would anyone else care to join me? Here is the link so that you can read about it.

So, now, here goes. My goals for
this challenge are to continue to participate in the Zumba class that I started two weeks ago and to reduce my weight by 15 pounds. The plan is to increase the number of classes I take weekly so that by the end of the challenge (December), I will be participating 3 times a week. The way I plan to loose the weight is to return to the "clean" way I was eating prior to vacation. That means reducing and finally eliminating white flour, sugar, refined and processed foods. It is a balanced eating program, with fruits, vegetables and proteins in sensible portions. Wish me success as I wish you success.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Season's Change

Summer has passed so quickly, and we are looking toward fall already. I love the changing of the seasons, the rich colors, the warm earthy fragrances, and most of all the soft, snuggly clothing that comes with the cooler seasons. I am already planning some great sewing and crochet projects, which will in turn inspire some jewelry creations. How about you? Do you have anything on the drawing board? Tell me about it; let's inspire each other.
Just in case you need a little inspiration, I am starting a new round of classes at Joann's in Stockton, California. I am loving the fleece jacket and will be wearing mine as soon as the weather gets a little cooler. Oh, and I have a new passion, polymer clay. The class focuses on making some of the popular large hole beads, and I had so much fun with them. My mind quickly went to, "what else can I do?", so you will no doubt be seeing some other fun ideas as I move more indoors for the winter.

Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Already August!

Wow, August 1 already! I still have so much left to do before Fall gets here, how about you. Are you working on some great crafty projects?  My projects have kept me indoors this summer, though I have found some time to get out into the vegetable garden. I love fresh tomatoes! And we have had a few strawberries this year. There is just nothing like the flavor of fruits and vegetables that have been allowed to ripen on the vine.
Indoors, I have been working on a quilt, making a formal dress for my son’s wedding, making samples for the classes I teach at the local Joann’s fabric and craft store, and working up plans for some new and exciting classes to offer in 2012. Yes, I have to think about these things at least 6 months in advance.
Coming up in September and October I have some really fun new classes, working with polymer clay to make some cute beads, making some costumes for Halloween, and a super cute “Tooth Fairy” pillow that even the younger ones can participate in. And for my fellow fashionistas, there is a casual jacket that you are just gonna love! I recommend that you sign up early for that class.
What are you all working on? I’d love to hear about it.